-June 4, 2016

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BEND eyes new ways to boost cycling, walking safety 

-May 24, 2016

"Despite the close proximity of downtown and the Maker’s District, conditions for walking and biking between them leave much to be desired," according to the grassroots group


During the Future Fair, Bend Bikes and the city of Bend will be showcasing a protected bike lane to connect these districts.

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BEND's 'central area' tied for growth

-April 12, 2016

"The fulfillment of a long-standing plan to encourage growth in the city's geographic center may be on of the first visible changes brought on by Bend's urban growth boundary expansion, a prospect eliciting both excitment and trepidation in the burgeoning Makers District."

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-January 14, 2016

"Sara Wiener, owner of Sara Bella Upcycled, is moving her business to downtown Bend after 1 1/2 years in the Makers District....the (Bend's Makers District) area rarely goes unfilled....Wiener's place will be taken by Utilitu, a seamstress, custom sewing and original design shop run by Allison Murphy."

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Bend, Oregon makers district evolves with local production

-March 19, 2015

"The recipe for Bend's Makers District is equal parts showroom in the front and handcrafted, handmade, locally produced and regionally-focused production in the back.... its objective to support local businesses and local products - all homegrown."  

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Bend's makers district promotes local companies

-June 24, 2014

BEND, Ore. - Art, food and furniture. You can find it, all local in two blocks.

"There really are some interesting, innovative and creative people in a very small area that people might otherwise not find," said Sara Wiener, owner of Sara Bella Upcycled, said Tuesday...

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bend businesses form makers district

-March 16, 2014


The Makers District started with a logo, five members and high hopes.

The organization is loose and growing, but its founders express a common goal: a gentrified destination in Bend where trendy businesses operate in a semi-industrial but accessible city neighborhood. The district is loosely bounded by Greenwood and Olney avenues and embraces Northeast First and Second streets...

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